4 Reasons to Stay in Your Role
Teagan O’Donovan, May 23rd 2022

Changing jobs is never an easy decision. There’s lots to factor in, and sometimes this can be overwhelming. 

There’s plenty of support out there from family and friends to recruiters, colleagues and mentors that can help talk through a career move with you. But ultimately, it’s your call. 

This can be daunting- we get it! It’s hard to know if you’re making a mistake and stepping outside of your comfort zone can be tough. 

So, if you’re debating whether your current role is right for you, here’s 4 reasons that you should stick with it. 

You have clear career progression opportunities 

Personal development is a massively important factor when it comes to deciding whether to stay or leave your current role. 

Ask yourself this:
•    Does my current role offer clear and achievable career progression routes?
•    Is it clear what I need to do in order to hit my next target?
•    Is there a date in the diary for my next review?
•    Are there training or upskilling opportunities? 

Actions speak louder than words. If you can see that other members of your team have been able to progress internally and have found the process smooth, this can help give you a better indication of fair and consistent progression in your current company. 

A new employer might give you a new title and the promise of growth, but in reality, your previous company might have offered less risk and more growth opportunities.  

You’ve got good relationships with your team and your employers

The relationships you have with people at your company can shape your experience of the role. Not everyone prioritises making friends at work- and that’s okay!

But for many people, having strong bonds with other team members is important- especially in an increasingly remote world where your colleagues could be the only people you speak to all day. 

Relationships with direct management and team leads are even more integral to job satisfaction. It’s often said that people don’t leave roles, they leave managers. 

In fact, our retention report found that 71% people considering leaving their tech role blamed their poor relationship with a direct manager. 

Ask yourself this:
•    Do the people in my team respect my input?
•    Do I feel listened to and valued?
•    Do I have someone to go to if I have a problem at work?

Positive words on a website and smiley faces at interview might paint a picture of the culture at another company, but unless you’ve experienced the day-to-day, you’re largely stepping into the unknown when starting a new job. 

Everyone has good and bad days, but a positive working environment and supportive colleagues can make a huge difference in your job satisfaction. 

You’re offered a generous benefits package

Who doesn’t love a good benefits package?

Whether it’s extra holiday days, health, and dental care or a gym membership, the perks of the job might be a deciding factor when debating moving on. 

Benefits don’t just have to be monetary- for many companies (ours included) the shift to a 4.5 working day week has proven to be very valuable. Even half a day more of free time has seen a boost to company morale.

When you’re considering moving roles, it’s important you don’t just look forward to the new benefits and forget the value of your current package. Maybe you’re excited about 10 extra days of holiday, but you’re walking away from a 4-day week or a family healthcare plan- if there are options that you can’t get through your new job, are you able to fund them yourself? 

There was once a time pre-pandemic when remote working was a sought-after benefit that only the hippest tech companies might offer. 

Obviously, the world has changed, and flexible working has become the norm. In fact, people don’t want to work 5 days a week in the office. And our approach to work has changed with it. 
If your company benefits package still consists of free pizza, ping pong and beer but has very little to say about employee wellbeing and career development, ask yourself what benefits are important to you.

The world is changing, is your company updating its benefits package with it?

You love what you do

A cliché, I know! But the best (and most important reason) to stay in a role is because you love it.
This passion can form the basis of a long and successful career- and it’s something you can always fall back on when work gets tough.

Maybe some of your friends or colleagues are getting an extra £5k by moving to a new company- and with the rising costs we’re all facing that might be especially tempting. But don’t put too much weight on a few extra pounds when you get up every day enthused about the work you’re about to do. Particularly when that £5k might only give you an extra latte a day after the taxman has taken his cut. Is it worth compromising a sense of purpose in your work?

And remember, just because a job might be a perfect fit for years doesn’t mean that your passions and interests can’t change. People grow with the companies they work for. Have you outgrown your role? 

If the answer’s yes, we’re happy to help. 

If you want to talk through a career move, get in touch with our team of consultants at 0117 4280600. 

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