De-bunking 10 Common Recruitment Myths
March 11th 2022

Are you thinking of finding a new role in 2022?

That time of year is upon us again. As everybody winds down for the holiday season, it is the perfect time to reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead to the coming year. The market is so competitive right now. If you are thinking of finding a new role over the next few months, it is worth contacting a recruiter to help you navigate the market. But for those who have not yet shaken off the old image of recruitment, here are 10 common myths about recruitment and why they are a thing of the past. Don't let the ghosts-of-recruiters-past get in the way of finding your dream role this Christmas.  

1) Everyone will be looking for jobs over Christmas so there’s no point applying

This couldn’t be more wrong! People tend to wind down in December eagerly awaiting holiday festivities and plan to take the job hunt back up in January. But this is the perfect time for you to put your feelers out into the market and take the proper time to consider what you want from your next role.  

2) I need to stop thinking about work completely

Of course, take this time to relax- but we encourage you to cast your mind back over the last year and ask yourself some key questions:

  • Am I happy in my role?
  • Did I achieve what I wanted to this year?
  • What do I want to achieve next year?
  • Do I want to find a new role in the new year?

Allow yourself to switch off over the holiday but go into 2022 with a clear head and a list of what you want to achieve. Then work to make it happen.  

3) Recruiters will just spam companies with my CV

This is so far from the truth! We want the best for both our clients and our candidates. This means only speaking to and sending over CVs of candidates who will be perfect for the job. In fact, we don’t send your CV over to anyone unless we have had a conversation with you about the role and asked you first. Increasingly, we are seeing companies pay less attention to the CV anyway, setting up culture calls and tech tests to really get to know you better.  

4) No one will be looking at my CV over Christmas

This time period is actually a great time to send over your CV. Hiring managers and recruiters will be much less busy and have more time to read and consider your application. A lot of companies are wanting to hire as January comes in, so getting your foot in the door now is the perfect way to start the new year right.  

5) Recruiters are only after the money, they don’t care what role I take

Wrong again! We take the time to talk through your options and want to get the best opportunity for you. There are money-driven individuals in all industries, but you shouldn’t lose faith in everyone because of a few bad apples! Take the time to build up a good relationship with your recruiter, respond quickly and be honest with what you are looking for.  

6) Recruitment is a male-orientated job

Whilst this may have been true in the past, the industry has become a lot more accessible over the last decade. In our small team of 17 employees, 8 of us are women and we actually placed 2nd in the Best Place to Work for Women award in 2020. There is still a long way to go to address the gender imbalance across the workforce as a whole. We need to look forward into 2022 and prioritise eliminating bias from the hiring process.  

7) Recruiters will never get back to you

You may have had a bad experience with a recruiter in the past, but don’t let this define your future job opportunities. Communication is an integral part of a recruiter’s job; this goes both ways. The vast majority of recruiters will aim to get back to you quickly as they want to ensure a smooth process.  

8) You can’t trust small recruitment companies

The face of recruitment is changing. There are an increasing number of small, specialised recruitment agencies who have the advantage over their larger counterparts. If we have learnt anything from the last couple years, it is the need to be flexible. A team of 20 have a lot more room for flexibility than a team of 100+. A small company working within a niche market will be able to react a lot quicker to market change and roll out change across the company. In a small recruitment company like ISL, we will speak to fewer candidates in a day, but have more valuable conversations. To a smaller team, you will never be ‘just a number’.  

9) Recruitment is not a long-term career

Anyone who says this has never worked in recruitment. Not only does recruitment offer training programmes to give young people a push to start their career, but it also allows for progression into varied leadership roles whilst enhancing valuable skills. Many of our senior leadership started with us as trainees with little to no experience.  

 10) What happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party…

It is that time of year again where everyone lets loose and enjoys an end of year celebration- whether it be in-person or virtual! Just remember that what you say to your colleagues after a couple bottles of wine on a Friday night can’t be unsaid on Monday. But it might make you speed up your job hunt in 2022!   If you are thinking of exploring your career options in the new year, don’t delay your search. Start the conversation today: 0117 4280600  

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