Transforming Remote Working: 3 Innovative Tech Startup Solutions


Post-covid a shocking 97% of employees don’t want to return to the office full time.

Although it may seem like a new phenomenon, the tech world has seen the benefits of remote working long before covid, continually challenging the boundaries of what we believe a workspace can be.

Growing your startup can feel disjointed when your team is scattered up and down the country.

Who better to help you in this time than tech companies who are working to combat the very growing pains you are trying to avoid?

So, if you are a startup founder looking to support your employees, here are just a few examples of tech startups who are working to keep your team together when you are apart.

Kosy Office

One of the pitfalls of remote working is feeling disconnected from your team. Losing real time interactions can have an impact on company culture, leaving your team feeling isolated.

Software like Kosy Office allows you to have a virtual space that reflects the intimacy of the office. It is important that your team feels like a team even when they are not together.

Remote working can take away from the encounters you would have in an office, the fleeting conversation as you pass in the corridor or the quick chat you have at the coffee machine; to schedule a remote call you feel you need intent and structure.

These conversations are often the most valuable, so keeping your team engaged and together in a fun way whilst working remotely will improve retention and boost performance.


You may find that some members of your team thrive when working from home.

But what about those who don’t?

It is your job to ensure that everyone in your team has access to a space where they can be their most productive. Hybrid working spaces like Hubble offer on-demand workspaces to people across the globe.

By enabling your team to work anywhere with the company space, you will attract a diverse group of talent to join your team.

It is also ideal at the startup stage as you may only have a few employees. Having this kind of flexibility at this stage of your company growth is great because it allows you to scale up without the worry of outgrowing your office.


Our Retention Report found that 71% of people considering leaving their tech role are dissatisfied with their relationship with direct management.

Loopin are working to address this disconnect and promote clear communication between all members of the team.

They have created a software that allows for real-time employee mood measurements. This then encourages a conversation amongst management and the team.

In a small team it is key that everyone feels they can express themselves and be listened to. The software integrates with internal communication systems like Slack to seamlessly become part of the everyday routine of your team.

If you are struggling with retaining talent, then this kind of software could be the first step in the right direction to keeping your team happy and heard.

Although many startups have been onto the benefits of remote working for years, for a lot of people remote working came into play overnight.

The pandemic provided a crash course on why we need to be able to maintain good culture outside of a physical office. These tech startups are just a few examples of possibilities that lie ahead in the future of remote working because love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

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