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Improving Candidate Experience Should Be Your Top Priority

In the midst of the great resignation 2.0 , the war for talent and many companies being slow (and not so eager) to adapt to hybrid and remote working conditions - a candidate-drive...
12/05/2022 Blog

Celebrating Success

Congratulations to April's Employee of the Month, Teagan! How does it feel to win Employee of the Month? It feels really rewarding- and it’s always nice for your hard-work to...
04/05/2022 Blog

Showcasing Our Team

We’re super excited to be welcoming Freya back to our team as our new Head of Engagement!   You left ISL Recruitment and have returned to ISL Talent, how does it feel to be b...
28/04/2022 Blog

How to Engage and Motivate Mid-level Talent

There’s lots in place to attract and motivate junior talent. And startup founders understand the need to bring in senior talent to their team. But mid-level candidates are often le...
27/04/2022 Blog

Scaleup Diaries, Anna Rasmussen

On this week’s episode of the Scaleup Diaries, our CEO Alan Furley is joined by Anna Rasmussen, Founder & CEO of OpenBlend. OpenBlend is a people-centric performance management ...
20/04/2022 Podcasts

Why Employee Wellbeing is Essential to Retention

  When it comes to retention there’s one thing for certain, it isn’t as straightforward as some employers think - this is equally as true for wellbeing initiatives in the wo...
20/04/2022 Blog

5 Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing in Your Startup

Employee wellbeing is somewhat of a buzzword in today’s startup world.  But what is employee wellbeing? Employee wellbeing refers to the mental and physical health of your em...
13/04/2022 Blog

Celebrating Success

With March's Employee of the Month, Harriet!   How does it feel to win Employee of the Month? It feels great. The past few months have been particularly busy with the ...
08/04/2022 Blog

5 Ways to Maintain a Strong Small-firm Culture as You Scale

In the early days of your startup, good company culture might happen naturally- but as you plan to hire at pace, culture will be something you have to actively curate. Here’s 5 ...
07/04/2022 Blog

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