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We’re passionate about two things. Helping scaleups grow and learning from others. We launched a podcast series to share the best bits about the people that we admire and respect, helping the wider tech startup and scaleup community on their journey. Explore our past podcasts below.

Scaleup Diaries, Ifty Nasir

Vestd is a share scheme and equity management platform that helps support founders understand equity. When Ifty was first setting up Vestd, a big part of his research was centred a...
14/06/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries, Anna Rasmussen

OpenBlend is a people-centric performance management platform, focusing on moving conversations between management and team to go beyond objectives. Anna worked as a leadership ...
20/04/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Deirdre Mc Gettrick,

On our latest episode of the Scaleup Diaries podcast, our Co-Founder, Alan Furley was joined by Deirdre Mc Gettrick, Co-Founder and CEO of Deirdre founded ufurnish...
04/04/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Ian Dibb, Keylu

Ian founded Keylu (Formally named Once I’ve Gone) in 2015 after the sudden loss of both his mother and sister in the space of 2 years. This difficult period was made only harder...
23/03/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Alicia Navarro, FLOWN

Alicia Navarro founded Skimlinks in 2007- the leading content-to-content monetisation platform for publishers globally. After being acquired by Connexity in 2020, Alicia has gone o...
16/03/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Ahana Banerjee, Clear

Ahana Banerjee is the co-founder and CEO of Clear– a mobile app that allows users to gain financial rewards and social features whilst saving money on their skincare. Having gra...
16/03/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Melanie Oldham, Bob's Business

This week on our Scaleup Diaries podcast, we are excited to be joined by Founder & CEO of Bob’s Business, Melanie Oldham. Having just been awarded an OBE for her outstanding con...
16/03/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Nathalie Alpi, CookiesHQ

Nathalie Alpi and her husband Nicolas co-founded CookiesHQ in 2011. They are a growing software development consultancy based in Bristol who help build software for scaleups and st...
16/03/2022 Podcasts

Scaleup Diaries: Caroline O'Brien, KUBOS Semiconductors

In this week’s episode of our Scaleup Diaries we are excited to be joined by Caroline O’Brien, CEO of KUBOS Semiconductors. KUBOS is developing a new material to revolutionise L...
16/03/2022 Podcasts

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