Accelerator advice

We are happy to support founders in their scaling plans

Talent is a huge challenge if you want to build a business.

But it’s not the only one that startups and scaleups face, which is why accelerators can help founders understand the bigger picture.

We support several accelerators, incubators and growth programmes, providing advice and guidance on hiring, retention, and scaling teams.

How we support

We’ve hosted many workshops and presentations including some of the topics below. Our aim to is get your members thinking about the key things in scaling teams, and walk away with some practical actions.

We’re also happy to support individual startups via clinics and office hours.

If you'd like to talk more about how we can support your accelerator or growth programme, contact our Co-Founder, Alan Furley.

Planning your people strategy

Explore how to create a winning talent strategy; to attract and assess the best talent, maximize the potential of people, and retain high performers. We’ll look at hiring diversely, to writing job adverts and onboarding best practice.

Hiring with limited resources

Investing in people eats into valuable startup funds. Doing it on the cheap can be disastrous, but with the right plan you can achieve a lot without spending loads. We cover employer branding and social media, maximising education links, and networking with a purpose.

Bringing purpose to your hiring

Whether you’re solving a great big challenge like climate change or something more niche, it’s essential to have people with a sense of purpose in your business. We’ll talk through the difference this can make to how much you need to pay, how to tell your story, and why it’s purpose in retention not recruitment that will create the real value.

Adapting your hiring culture as you scale

As your team grows, you'll face new challenges. Using research from our retention report, we share the key reasons tech talent leave roles. We'll look at what the best companies do to retain their people, and offer practical advice to improve employee retention.

Don’t just take it from us...

"Alan delivered a fantastic session on hiring for scaling teams, sharing useful and actionable insights and examples. Drawing on both personal and professional experience, Alan made the session valuable and relevant for our cohort of pre-scale startups, leaving them not only with some great ideas to put into practice, but with a number of tangible resources."

Gavin, Innovation Coordinator, Digital Catapult

"This was one of the most valuable workshops for our 10 teams this year, who are all at post-seed stage. The engagement in the workshop was very high and we can’t wait to do this again!"

Boyan, Senior Programme Manager, Pi Labs

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We love what we do and could talk for days about what we believe and how we are different to others involved in startup recruitment and talent partnerships. 

But don't take our word for it.

Hear what our best clients say here about the partnerships we've formed with them, and how that has impacted their ability to hire great teams and build brilliant startups and scaleups.

And if you're interested in talking support for your accelerator or growth programme, contact our Co-Founder, Alan Furley.


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