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Whatever your challenge, we can be flexible to tackle your specific pain points and deliver the results you need to scale.

Maybe you need to make your first hire. Or scale from 20 to 50. Or perhaps your headcount is already into three figures and it's about key hires.

We've developed plans to suit you at each stage.

Partnership plans

When it comes to securing the best talent, together really is better. Long lasting, trusted and honest partnerships will always be key to delivering the best results.

Typically Build_up is our plan for multiple hires, and Base_down for a key hire.


The future-proof way to scale across multiple roles. A true long-term partnership, we help you with every part of your talent needs. From employer branding and talent attraction through to onboarding and retention.

Our Talent-as-a-Service subscription plan is a fixed investment each month, with no fee per hire.

Is it for you?

You want to hire several roles. Maybe that’s all in tech, maybe it’s elsewhere like sales and marketing. You've got significant hiring demand over the next few months, with some intense needs along the way.

The difference

We’ll embed a talent partner with you, who will find you the best talent while improving your organisation’s ability to hire. And when you need it, the rest of our team are here to help give additional resource as you scale.

This is dedicated talent resource, that isn't limited.


Here's some of the benefits of our Build_up plan:

Cost saving

Cost saving
Unlimited hires: unlimited consultancy 
Talent partner
Talent partner
Your 'go to' for all your talent needs
A place for you to tell your story to talent
Trusted Advisor
Trusted advisor
On planning, attraction, & retention
Getting to know you, to priorotise your values 


Our retained plan reassures we’ll deliver on a key role. 

Co-branded campaigns tell your story in full. To the best talent in, not just on, the market.

We're involved throughout the process, from role design to interviews to onboarding. We take the risk away. 


Is it for you?

You know this hire is key, so want to invest in a thorough process to get it right.

The difference

Detailed and in-depth, this plan is all about quality. We’ll give you insight on the market, help you define what you need, and interview to produce a shortlist. After you’ve hired, we’re here to help onboard and support.


Here's some of the benefits of our Base_down plan:

Your brand
Your brand
In our campaign, so top talent hears your story
Managed process
Managed process
Saving you time and ensuring quality
Benefit 1
We're here until the role is filled. And beyond

Our plans summarised

We’re hitting refresh. Out with one-size-fits-all packages that actually suit no-one and in with you-call-the-shots models that get the job done again and again. Happy days.

From adhoc talent attraction to the whole recruitment journey, helping you build great people and a robust scaleup.

We'd love to help you pick the best plan.


Our on-demand plan

Recruitment in its simplest form

This is where recruitment has history. A traditional method, with a fee when a successful hire is made.

We'll advertise your job and reach into our network, filtering the best looking candidates so that you meet people well matched to your role.

It's a simple way of working that can get results, but still needs engagement from both sides to lead to success.

Partnerships will always be our sweet spot if you’re serious about scaling. But if you’re not ready to partner with us, we can move swiftly to put a solution in place.

We’ll do our best to deliver a quick hire, and give you a sense of how the relationship could grow.

The building blocks

Building great teams is complex and challenging. Here's some of the ways we can make it easier for you.

Block 1

Talent strategy

Reviewing your plans and processes so you are setup for success. From employer branding to salary benchmarking to org chart planning, we’ll help you with best practice and insight.

Block 2

Diversity & inclusion

Hiring diversely needs deliberate actions. We'll help you with some obvious improvements or bring in D&I specialists to help you build a truly inclusive culture.

Block 3

Employer branding

Great talent won’t come to you without a strong employer brand. Across your website, job content, and social media we’ll review and recommend how you can maximise the impact of your story.

Block 4

Peer learning

None of us build great businesses alone. Podcasts, events, reports, and introductions - we’re passionate about offering opportunities to learn from other’s experiences.

Block 5

Candidate testing

We help shortlist so you don’t have to do all the work. We can bring in tools to check for values alignment, test technical expertise, or judge soft skills. 

Block 6

Branded advertising

Co-branded campaigns to tell your story in full. To the best talent in, not just on, the market. Our partnership plans include fully branded microsite options.

Block 7

Account management

We’ll embed a talent partner with you, who will find you the best talent while improving your organisation’s ability to hire. And when you need it, the rest of our team are here to help.

Block 8

Video interviews

If you want more than a CV, we can add asynchronous video content to help you make a better judgement on the candidates you want to meet.

Block 9

Priority talent access

Using your brand on our adverts, you'll attract great people, and more of them. You'll have priority access over the candidates that apply and have the advantage that candidates are already invested in your story.
Block 10

At-pace search

The breadth and depth of the ISL network gets great candidates at pace. We’re proactive and don’t wait for the talent to come to us – finding passive candidates not just those actively on the market.

Hear what our clients say

Clare Elford, CEO, Clue

Hear what our clients say

Glyn Blaize, COO, Amdaris

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