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What is pre-boarding and why is it so important?

First of all, what is pre-boarding? A lot of value is put on the onboarding process – and rightly so – but the pre-boarding one is arguably just as important to get right. The p...
28/11/2022 Blog

Getting the most from your recruiter relationships

If you’re looking for a new role, engaging a recruitment professional is an obvious place to start. As well as giving you sound career advice, recruiters can provide advice and ins...
24/11/2022 Blog

7 things to know before you engage with recruiters

Recruiting top talent in a competitive jobs market can be a costly and time-consuming process for tech startups and scaleups.  You’re at a pivotal stage in your growth and you’re p...
24/11/2022 Blog

6 things to think about before applying to work at a startup

So you’ve decided you’d like to work for a startup – fab! It’s such an exciting and dynamic space, with so many incredible enterprises going on to get stuck into. But take a breath...
23/11/2022 Blog

How to be disability inclusive when interviewing candidates

We're currently in the midst of Disability History Month 2022, and to celebrate it we wanted to talk about how you can be disability inclusive in your interview process! The first ...
22/11/2022 Blog

Celebrating Success - Milo's Work Anniversary

Milo, our amazing Head of Performance, has been with us six years today and we don’t know where we’d be without him – he’s also dog-dad to our fabulous Barketing Manager, Maggie (w...
21/11/2022 Blog

Is the cover letter dead?

There’s a reason that many of the searches associated with the phrase ‘cover letter’ are essentially framed around how you can avoid doing them: AI cover letter creator, cover lett...
15/11/2022 Blog

Why the gender pay gap is worse at startups and how you can combat it

According to data from the salary benchmarking platform Figures, the gender pay gap at startups in the UK is more than double the national average, and is the worst in the finance ...
10/11/2022 Blog

Celebrating Success - Jack's Work Anniversary

Our Associate Director, Jack, has been with us 6 years today! Jack has absolutely smashed it rising through the ranks since he came to us all those years ago with only about 8 mont...
08/11/2022 Blog

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