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How to hire for your startup (without breaking the bank)

One of the greatest challenges facing startup founders is how to scale with limited resources. As a business, you need to hire the top talent in the market. But staffing is arguabl...
01/08/2022 Blog

Startup salaries and inflation: how to remain competitive in a strong job market

When faced with soaring increases in the cost of food and groceries, fuel, and household bills, it should come of little surprise that UK employees are increasingly looking for a p...
21/07/2022 Blog

Met your match: everything you need to know about finding a co-founder

The search for a co-founder is often likened to the pursuit of a romantic partner.   In both senses you’re looking for someone who understands you, shares your core values and w...
13/07/2022 Blog

How to resign from a job (without burning your bridges)

The last couple of years have fundamentally changed our attitudes to work. We’ve navigated lockdown, furlough, hybrid working and – for some, at least – a stuttering return to the ...
11/07/2022 Blog

Getting your first 10 hires right, first time

Research by the Harvard Business Review suggests that 80 per cent of employee turnover is down to poor hiring decisions. Now, imagine if you could reduce employee turnover by 8...
04/07/2022 Blog

Is Your Startup a Safe and Inclusive Space for LGBTQ+ Talent?

With Pride month coming to an end, it’s important to look at ways that you can make your scaling company a safe and inclusive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community all ye...
29/06/2022 Blog

How to Speed-up Your Interview Process to Secure the Top Talent

In today’s war for talent, is your interview process the reason you’re struggling to scale? We get it, bringing anyone into your team can feel like a significant risk, especiall...
21/06/2022 Blog

Scaleup Diaries, Ifty Nasir

Vestd is a share scheme and equity management platform that helps support founders understand equity. When Ifty was first setting up Vestd, a big part of his research was centred a...
14/06/2022 Podcasts

Why Counteroffers Won’t Work and What You Should Do Instead

The counteroffer…a much-debated topic when it comes to hiring. A counteroffer can be the natural reflex to the reality of losing a valued employee. But in many cases, it just wo...
08/06/2022 Blog

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