A rapidly growing fintech startup, Floww connects startups with venture capital and investors. They are paving a new path for the private asset market – where entrepreneurs are supported, and investors have the data to invest in game-changing companies.

11 Months
12 Hires

"She’s a treat. I’ve worked with a lot of hiring agencies and they are very organised. Teagan’s my favourite person to work with.

Hiring can often be a bit overwhelming when you have lots of candidates but Teagan pitches candidates that tend to be the right person. It's not volume.

I would say she just completely owns the process and I just I trust that she can get the role filled really quickly and will work with the hiring manager to make sure they're bringing in the right person."

Katie Greggans - Head of People
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The context

Floww had been using multiple recruitment agencies, and the quality of candidates was sporadic and volume was high. Time was a challenge, with all CVs and recruitment process channelled through Katie, Head of People (whose role also includes all HR).


Understanding the right fit of candidate - passionate about the product and company, culturally aligned and with startup experience - was paramount.

The Results

Partnered on a subscription basis with our Build_up plan, our dedicated Talent Partner, Teagan, manages hiring needs across all departments – from tech roles through to compliance, sales and marketing.

Quality over quantity

Whilst the volume of CVs has reduced, the quality has dramatically increased. We only send people who fit the brief and are motivated by what's on offer, resulting in a stellar CV to placement conversion rate.

Time efficiency

CVs and management of the hiring process no longer needs to go through Katie. The strength of our relationships means she trusts us to deal directly with hiring managers. We have an enhanced understanding of their business needs, can respond to hiring needs faster and Katie has time to focus on the additional aspects of her role. Duplication is a thing of the past!


Understanding internal changes at Floww; direct relationships with hiring managers and stakeholders; open conversations about candidate fit; knowing priorities and culture. Trust is the key to this partnership’s success. That trust means we have all of the information we need to find the right candidates and make the all-important perfect match.

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A Perfect Match

Gin & Tonic, Fish & Chips, Coffee & Cake - they’re all better together. And when you partner with us, it's a combination that goes way beyond recruitment.

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Our retained service plan gives you the assurance that we’ll be your proactive partner.

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