March 13th 2022

Is building a team key to your 2022 startup success?

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Get your hiring off to the best start - our free Founders Guide to Hiring gives you everything you need to plan and execute a talent strategy guaranteed to deliver results.




  • 11 hiring mistakes and how to fix them

  • Creating a startup talent forecast

  • 3 steps to create job adverts that excite!

  • Selling your startup story at interview

  • Pitching startup rewards to attract

  • Diversity from the get go

  • Interviewing & onboarding to retain


If you're a founder looking to grow your startup, then you probably know your people are going to be key to your success. 


80% of employee turnover is down to bad hiring decisions, and in times of uncertainty, people are your greatest asset.  


So, how do you ensure you aren’t making bad hiring decisions? 

From setting your plan for recruitment success, attracting and interviewing the right talent, to seamlessly onboarding your new starters; we've got you covered.   


There's no quick fix to the complex challenges hiring can prompt, but you're not alone in this struggle. We talk to startup and scaleup founders everyday who are experiencing the frustrations hiring can bring, and we made this guide in the simple hope we can make hiring easier for you. 


If you have any further questions, drop us a line. 

Planning for Success

"Having the right team is a major factor in success, and you need a plan for success."

Talent Guide for Founders

The cost of a bad hire

"80% of employee turnover is down to bad hiring decisions."

Talent Guide for Founders

Diversity and Inclusion

"77% of Gen Z candidates say the way a company demonstrates diversity affects whether they want to work with them."

Talent Guide for Founders

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