August 8th 2022

The 2022 Retention Report

Report highlights

The Retention Report - Tech Scaleups 2022


Our unique data from 200 tech candidates will give you:

  • The top 3 reasons tech talent are leaving roles
  • What top talent wants in a new role
  • Insight to help understand how to improve your employee retention


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"Hiring the blend of skills we need can be a challenge. We’re working to change the narrative and take action to grow the talent pool and attract diverse candidates."

Charlotte Richmond - Aiimi

"We need to be meeting both employee and life needs. Home and work life have more crossover than ever before, and we need to respect and support that."

Ben Brown - ONTO

"We firmly believe that by equipping tech businesses with the right data, they can hone in on the most important issues and learn from each other."

Liz Scott - Tech Nation


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