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"They have changed the perception for a lot of people internally in this business in terms of what good recruitment companies feel like when you work with them, so that's been a real positive.

They are very well networked – there’s a recruitment strand which is 90% of what we needed ISL for, but there's this other strand in terms of the introductions they make and the talent partnership with us. It's not transactional, it feels very relational, which I like."

Glyn Blaize - Chief Operations Officer
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The context

New to the role of COO, Glyn’s remit included internal hiring, including a new design team. Getting a team in place ASAP was essential.


Time was a problem, being pulled in many different directions, Glyn had little time assigned to hiring.


Using multiple recruitment agencies with limited success, their issue was twofold, a lack of candidates in response to an in-demand skillset, and a poor reflection of Amdaris' values in the limited pool of candidates they were working with.

The Results

Partnering on an exclusive program of works basis, we were tasked with hiring their design team from UX to UI, senior through to junior. Led by a dedicated Account Manager, Emma managed the entire process, fully supported by our delivery team.

Flexible communication 

We asked how they wanted to work and what would make it easier for them, and we listened. Adapting to their availability, we changed our comms processes to reflect their preferences. Emails were out. Whatsapp took over! The speed and ease of process improved dramatically as a result.  


Our partnership extended beyond hiring a great team. Co-hosting an event at the Bristol Technology festival and an introduction to an executive peer learning programme, Amdaris benefit from our wider network and contacts. 

Hiring for team fit

With a remit to bring in an entire team, we were able put a real emphasis on hiring for team dynamic and creating a group of people that compliment each other perfectly with skillset and character.

Exclusive partners

Frustrated with using multiple agencies unsuccessfully, Amdaris reached out to a several contacts looking to work in a different way. Their interaction and experience with us led to our current arrangement. We’re now proud to be their exclusive partner for any hiring needs outside of their internal recruitment team (having placed their Head of Recruitment!). Perception has drastically changed from using a recruitment agency as a necessary evil, to seeing us as an extension of their team able to deliver whenever needed.

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A Perfect Match

Gin & Tonic, Fish & Chips, Coffee & Cake - they’re all better together. And when you partner with us, it's a combination that goes way beyond recruitment.

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