Connecting business to thousands of banks using a secure open API. Yapily's mission is to create a new open world, breaking down long standing barriers surrounding financial institutions, enabling scalable and secure access to financial information and payments.

1st ever developer
2 x quicker time to hire

"Across the business whenever we need an urgent hire we'll go to ISL and they’ll get it for us. You can rely on them to quickly understand your needs."

Joao Martins - Chief Technology Officer
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The context

In 2017, as a 2-man band, they knew they needed to build a great team. But they lacked the time to do that. Growing from 2 – 100+ people in the last 4 years, their challenges have evolved. With continued rapid growth planned, finding great people, quickly, that align with their culture is key. Proud of their innovative and collaborative startup approach, new talent needs to reflect those qualities just as much as technical skills.

The Results

From hiring their first employee in 2017, we implemented time saving solutions, and helped to build a tech team that is equally strong in values as in skills.

Speed and trust

Streamlining their interview process, we reduced time to hire. We filtered talent by taking on the responsibility for the first stage interview and technical challenge. Candidates that passed these stages where then interviewed by Joao, CTO. At this point, if successful, Yapily were confident to offer candidates. Time to hire was reduced by more than half.

Cultural add

As they’ve grown, keeping that startup feel and level of innovation has become even more important to them. Talent who can bring a startup energy and collaborative approach has been key. More than ever, we’ve drilled down into how someone works and what motivates them, rather than their skillset.

The retention figures confirm the strength of the match, over two thirds of people we’ve placed over the last 5 years are still happily working there.


The ways in which we’ve worked with Yapily through their growth journey have evolved to reflect their needs and changing business. From driving change into the interview process to working alongside an internal recruitment team, adaptability has been key.

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A Perfect Match

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