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Winners of techUK’s Cyber Innovator 2022 award, CyberHive's business is keeping yours safe. Their cutting-edge products deliver agile, innovative solutions to cyber threats in the quantum age.

Whilst presenting on hiring and scaling teams at the Plexal accelerator program, our CEO Alan met Sarah, Operations Director at CyberHive. A couple of months later, when Sarah was looking to expand the team, she reached out to Alan for help.

When working with recruiters previously, CyberHive unfortunately experienced candidate salaries being pushed higher than anticipated at offer stage, presenting difficulties in A) securing the talent when working to a budget and B) feeling peeved the recruitment fee had increased, making that hiring budget ever tighter.


Knowing that salaries in the current market can fluctuate as candidates are increasingly receiving multiple offers and counteroffers, we wanted to alleviate CyberHive’s risk of increased costs.

Listening Sarah’s frustrations and concerns, we offered our Base_Down product, partnering on an exclusive and retained basis. To prevent our fee from fluctuating we offered the added advantage of a fixed fee for each placement.

The Results

Initially looking to hire a Product Marketing Manager and Bid Manager, we’ve since helped CyberHive hire six roles, including two software developers.

CyberHive’s dedicated Account Manager managed the end to end process and coordinated with our delivery team to successfully fill the vacancies.

Branded campaign

Offering the Base_Down product, we were able to conduct a fully branded campaign. Branded job board adverts and fully branded LinkedIn campaigns including LinkedIn adverts boosted CyberHive’s employer brand and visibility in the market, whilst attracting the best possible talent. Using a branded outreach campaign, alongside contacting our extensive network, means we were able to find the best in the market, not on the market.


A bespoke branded microsite telling talent everything they need to know about CyberHive, helping convert passive talent to interested and engaged talent. A fantastic tool to really bring a company’s culture to life and showcase what it’s like to be part of their team.

Consistent point of contact

CyberHive had the benefit of a consistent point of contact, our Account Manager, who was able to collate market trends and feedback, giving CyberHive added value throughout the hiring process on employer branding & perception, salary levels, and understanding candidate priorities.

Cost efficiencies

Initially CyberHive anticipated splitting their vacancies across two recruitment companies. We were able to explain the cost efficiencies of using us on an exclusive and retained basis, as well as the branding advantage. A fully branded campaign creates maximum impact when taking the role to market and is proven to attract the best talent.

Ongoing consultancy

Since helping them hire the 4th role, we’ve continued to support CyberHive with advice on future hiring needs, and helping them evaluate the best recruitment method for them in the short, medium and long term.

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