Success Story

Insphere are a Bristol-based scaleup that create technology to capture, analyse and utilise data to drive advanced, automated production. Insphere’s purpose is to create unique, game-changing manufacturing technology that enables smart factories and facilitates a more sustainable future. Insphere focus on developing technologies that drive higher performing, flexible and efficient manufacturing systems to reduce resource waste and create better manufacturing environments.

“Since partnering with ISL at the beginning of 2023, they’ve successfully helped us to fill five key roles. Before we began our partnership, I knew I needed to make key hires, but it was only after chatting with Alan and Emily that I felt confident I understood the different roles we could consider, as well as how other scaleups had hired into similar areas. With a combination of Emily’s ability to source a pool of talented individuals across the robotic, metrology and manufacturing industries and access to Alan’s extensive network, ISL have been invaluable in helping us scale.”

Ben Adeline, Chief Executive Officer

Through the Exec Foundation Peer group in Bristol, fellow Founders Alan (CEO of ISL Talent) and Ben (CEO of Insphere) built a relationship over the course of 5 years. Ben expected Insphere to gain a £3m+ seed investment in 2023, partly to enable some key hires, so he asked Alan for advice on how to build the right team. 

This helped Ben clarify the key gaps to hire and agreed to partner with ISL Talent on our Base_down model. So far, we have helped Insphere hire five brilliant candidates across a variety of functions which included a Senior Sales Manager, C++ Developer, Sales Engineer, Tech Advisor and Production Manager.  


The Results

As well as hiring great talent, Insphere also benefitted from:  

Bringing the business to life  

To help fully understand the business, Alan and our Talent Partner, Emily, took a trip to Insphere’s office. This provided the opportunity to see Insphere’s groundbreaking technology firsthand as well as get a feel for the company culture and the day-to-day running of the business. Getting to grips with Insphere like this meant we were able to bring the business to life when talking to prospective candidates. 

Bespoke marketing  

As part of our Base_down model, we take job ads to the next level by creating co-branded campaigns and bespoke microsites. The rich content with our client’s brand at heart helps capture the attention of many more candidates than anonymous recruiter ads. 

Access to our network  

After successfully placing a couple of roles, Ben expressed an interest in potentially strengthening their tech leadership. Alan sat down with Ben, acting as a sounding board and advising on the available options – one of which was the possibility of hiring a tech leader on a fractional basis, which seemed to be the perfect fit for Insphere’s needs. Leveraging Alan’s extensive network, within a few days, we had connected them to just the right person, resulting in hire number five.  

An ongoing relationship  

With five key roles filled we’re proud to be continuing our support, giving Insphere the people they need to scale in 2023 and beyond. 

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