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Howells create a seamless experience for administrators to manage, report and communicate their Share Plan requirement, through their agile and flexible cloud-based systems and have provided industry-leading share plan management since 1991.

“We’ve built a strong relationship with ISL over the course of several years, and trust their understanding of our needs and requirements, as well as their ability to represent our business.

When we approached ISL with our latest role, Jack took the time to speak to us about ISL’s partnership model, which we loved the sound of and decided to go with.

The partnership worked brilliantly, and Jack went above and beyond to consult us on our current recruitment practices, help us understand the current market, and find us some excellent candidates.”

Sarah Ellis, Head of Technical

Howells have been a client of ISL's since 2017, long before our Base_down and Build_up partnerships existed. On the traditional contingency model (%-fee paid on placement) we helped them find several brilliant developers and had built a strong and trusted relationship with the business.

When our partnership products were introduced, it was only natural that they should be given the option to move onto to one of them. For Howells latest round of recruitment, they could see the benefits of a Base_down partnership with ISL due to the transparent pricing structure and the value-adds that come with the service. It was on this model that we successfully found and placed a .Net Developer into the Howells team.

The Results

Having achieved the desired outcome, our partnership meant that Howells also benefitted from the below:

Branded advertising campaigns

As part of our recruitment campaign for Howells, we utilised branded advertising to showcase Howells’ vision, mission, and values to prospective talent. Using branded advertising has been proven to attract and engage a larger pool of talent, with branded approaches receiving 75% more responses than traditional, anonymised searches.

Recruitment process consultancy

Before assisting Howells with their next round of recruitment, we took a proactive approach by providing them with recruitment process consultancy. Understanding the importance of a well-structured and effective hiring process, we analysed Howells’ existing recruitment practices and assessed how they aligned with the desired outcome. We were able to provide valuable insights and recommendations on how best to conduct the interviews to generate results.

Consistent contact

To ensure open lines of communication, we scheduled regular check-in conversations which served as an opportunity to discuss the progress of our recruitment efforts, assess the outcomes of the interviews, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the hiring process. By maintaining consistent contact, we solidified the sense of partnership and trust with Howells, ultimately leading to a more seamless and successful process.

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